September’s Movie – Forbidden Quest


September 29, 2006 (Friday) 7:00 p.m.
Adroit College, 1st Floor Conference Room
730 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale

Forbidden Quest

Life: entertainment, sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, sex, and more sex. We live in an indecent world, don’t we? All the naughty stuff excites us the most. If that’s how we feel today, just imagine how things were when times were changing and erotic literature started to hit the streets a few hundred years ago with the advent of Japanese woodblock (Ukiyo-e) prints or the earlier Karma Sutra (not to mention “The Kinky How to Impress Girls with the Essence of Yak”, which was subsequently banned within hours of its release). During the latter part of the Chosun period in Korea, erotic novels were making the rounds, depicting deliciously lurid artwork and featuring descriptions that quite easily raised eyebrows. It’s here that Forbidden Quest takes place, around the 18th century, as scholars engage in a secretive battle to see who can become the master of erotic literature.

*Reservation is required due to the limited seats. (408-716-8443,

*Korean snacks and teas are provided.