July Korean Movie Night – Big Bang


July 28, 2007 (Saturday) 7:30 p.m.
Adroit College, Conference Room
1851 McCarthy Blvd. Milpitas, CA 95035

2006 was an important year for Gam Woo Sung and Kim Su Ro. Though Lee Jun Ki may have acquired more screaming fans, it was Gam Woo Sung who went home with the Best Actor statuette at the 43rd Daejong Awards for his jester role in King and The Clown. Kim Su Ro, meanwhile, finally found leading man status and box office success with the quirky hit comedy Vampire Copy Ricky. These two versatile actors, following their previous collaboration in the 2005 comedy A Bold Family, team up again in 2007 for Big Bang. At the helm is Park Jeong Woo, director of Dance with the Wind and screenwriter of Attack the Gas Station and Break Out. With such a talented trio of names, expectations are high, and the film delivers with a Big Bang. A kinetic action comedy of errors, Big Bang is filled with chaotic energy, high-speed chases and shootouts, and the kind of sharp, biting social satire that Park Jeong Woo has become known for. Sealing the package is of course Gam Woo Sung and Kim Su Ro, whose screen chemistry and dynamic performances alone place the film a cut above the rest.

*Reservation is required due to the limited seats. (408-716-8443, info@adroitcollege.org)

*Korean snacks and teas are provided.