Buy Korean – Book Signing Event


Saturday, February 3, 2007
Adroit College Conference Room
1010 Corporation Way, Palo Alto, CA

Adroit College co-hosted a book signing event with the Korean American Professional Women’s Association (KAPWA) to promote Adroit College President, Dr. Eun Hee Koo’s new book “Buy Korean.” Many Adroit College students and members of the community attended to support Dr. Koo and her new book. The formal program included readings (in Korean) from “Buy Korean” and congratulatory songs and dedications.

Attendees of the Buy Korean book signing event at Adroit College
Adroit College students, members of KAPWA, and others from the community show gather in the Adroit College conference room to show their support for Dr. Koo’s new book “Buy Korean”

Dr Koo signs her new book
Dr. Koo’s signs her new book “Buy Korean,” for attendees.

reception following book signing
Attendees enjoyed refreshments after the formal program ended.

Dr Koo with an Adroit College student and her family
Dr. Koo with an Adroit College student and his family.

group photo of the attend
Dr. Eun Hee Koo with the attendees of the book signing event